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Commercial Self Storage In Ottawa East

Many of our clients are small business owners, because we are the best choice for businesses and contractors looking for commercial storage in Ottawa.

Self-storage is a great solution for contractors who have expensive tools and don’t want to leave them in their truck overnight, and don’t want to clog up the garage with equipment. Self-storage is a convenient and inexpensive way to keep your business tools secure, and keep your home living space clean and uncluttered.

So why choose Canotek Storage? Here are three reasons why we’re the best choice for small business storage in Ottawa:

1) Ideal Location

Our facility is located just two minutes from the Montreal Road Queensway exit. This makes it the most convenient storage facility for our commercial storage clients, especially those who do a lot of business in the East End of Ottawa.

2) Direct Access

At Canotek Self-Storage, unlike many other facilities, you can drive your vehicle right up to the door of your unit.  If you or your employees are accessing the unit often, this task can become a big part of your daily operation. The time you save because of our proximity to the highway can save you up to an hour per day if you’re accessing your unit at the start and end of each job.

 3) We Understand Your Needs

Although we all work at Canotek Self Storage throughout the year, Corey and Trevor Wilson operate a commercial and residential landscaping and property maintenance business during the summer. We run that business completely out of a 10 x 20 storage unit. Our crew meets at the unit every morning to pick up the equipment we need for that day.  We are on our way to the job site within five or ten minutes.

As contractors and small business owners, we really know how much of a difference it makes to have a secure and convenient storage facility, and never have to worry about expensive equipment sitting overnight in the back of our trucks. If we were to run our business out of a commercial warehouse or shop, it would probably cost an extra $1000 a month.

Are you a commercial contractor or small business owner considering if self-storage could save you time and money? Give us a call and we’ll help you see if there’s an opportunity for you to save money and streamline your business.

Canotek Self Storage: Affordable, Easy, and Secure.

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