Why Choose Canotek for Your Long-term Storage in Ottawa East?

Canotek Self Storage is the best choice for short-term and long-term storage in Ottawa East.

We have been proudly serving residential and commercial clients for over twenty-five years, because we provide our customers with the best value, facilities, location, and customer service.

Our advantage is that we are a local, no-frills, family-owned-and-operated business. We understand your needs, we know how to meet them, and there is always an owner on-site to make sure you receive the best service.

The Best Value in Ottawa East Storage

Here at Canotek Self Storage, we are proud to offer a better value than any of our competitors.

How do we do this? Simple: we stick to the basics. We are a family-owned and operated company and we’ve been working in the Ottawa business community for twenty-five years. We don’t spend big money on advertising, and we pass those savings on to you.

Total Security

Our units for both short-term and long-term storage in Ottawa East are protected by state-of-the-art locks and security systems. More importantly, there is always an owner on-site making sure that your property is safe.

A Convenient Location

Canotek Self Storage is located less than one minute from the Montreal Road 417 exit, and our facilities are easy to get in and out of. We are the most convenient storage facility in the city, which is why we are the preferred choice of many clients who need to access their storage regularly, such as commercial contractors.

The Best Customer Service

We started this company twenty-five years ago and built the storage facilities ourselves. We take customer service seriously.

At Canotek Self Storage, there is always an owner on-site, making sure that you receive the quality of service that we believe you deserve. We are always happy to help you with your move, choose the unit that’s right for you, and provide you with the supplies and equipment that you need.

We make sure that our clients are looked after, whether it is for short-term or long-term storage in Ottawa; and no matter the size of the unit we ensure our clients’ needs are met. Visit us to see for yourself!