Businesses are always searching for possible ways to save money and increase revenue. Did you know that renting storage units in Ottawa from a storage facility can help you do just that? Although perhaps not an obvious money-saver at first, a storage unit can maximize a business’s profit in many different ways.  Five of the top benefits of storage units that are advantageous for businesses are that they can help you:

Free Up Office Space

Offices can easily become cluttered by items such as desks, chairs, cabinets, and a variety of other supplies which don’t need to be on site all of the time. Anything that is taking up space in your office because it can’t be discarded but has nowhere else to go can be put in a mini storage until it is needed again.

Secure Important Items

The benefits of storage units in Ottawa extend beyond simply storing things until you need them again. Secure storage unit facilities also provide a great way to keep important items safe. If you need a secure location to keep paperwork and important documents, then a locked unit in a facility with a good security system is perfect for your business.

Store Bulk Purchases

Many businesses can save money on supplies by buying in bulk, but some aren’t able to maximize on the benefits of bulk purchases because they have no place to store the surplus. You could rent more expensive office space, or you could take advantage of low bulk prices and good deals by renting a storage unit instead.

Save on Office Space Rent

Speaking of the cost of office space, renting a storage unit can help you keep from having to expand your office and perhaps even allow you to downsize, saving you money on rent. Some small businesses are even able to run all of their business operations directly from a mini storage unit in Ottawa. Operating from a self-storage unit provides flexibility and can keep overhead low.

Save on Warehouse Fees

As well as saving you money on office space, storage units regularly help business owners cut back on warehouse fees. As well as storing bulk purchases, a storage unit can be used to keep products that have a high turnover. Many mid-sized companies can greatly benefit from choosing mini storage over warehouse space.

Convenient Mini Storage in Ottawa for Businesses

If it sounds like your business could benefit from renting a mini storage, then Canotek Self Storage has the right commercial storage units in Ottawa for all of your business needs. Whether you are looking to declutter your office or to work directly from the unit, our affordable, secure, and conveniently located storage units can help you save money and time.

Contact the Ottawa mini storage specialists at Canotek Self Storage today, and we’ll help you decide on the storage solution that suits your business best.